Should Your Flat-Pack Furniture Be Taken Apart for Moving?

Flat-pack furniture makes sense from a retailer's point of view. Masses of bulky furniture items are sold disassembled, packed flat in boxes, which can then be stacked—maximising warehouse space. It's not so bad for the consumer either. You can often get your items immediately, and their flat-pack nature makes them easy enough to transport. Assembling them at home isn't always as easy as you might hope, but it's not that challenging. Read More 

4 Critical Signs That Indicate Your Home is in Dire Need of Immediate Restumping

If you've just moved into a new house or have been living in the current one for years, knowing the importance of structural integrity and stability of your foundation is imperative. Most Australian homes stand supported by wooden stumps. While these stumps are robust enough to support a house for years, they become weaker over time. Apart from aging, pest infestation and soil displacements can result in gradual foundation deterioration. The stumps lose the ability to offer structural support and ultimately compromise your home's balance. Read More 

Three Key Tips To Help You Relocate A Baby Grand Piano

When relocating from one house to another, the ultimate goal is to arrive at your new residence with all furniture intact. Some pieces of furniture in the home are more challenging to move than others. For instance, consider the logistics of moving a baby grand piano. This majestic musical instrument is often proudly displayed within the home and provides many hours of entertainment. But, when it is time to move house, the piano becomes a chunky, heavy piece of furniture that needs careful thought before placing on the moving truck. Read More